Become a CUFI Rep

For every pro-Israel church that is actively participating in CUFI, we know that there are many more which are not.  Many times, pro-Israel pastors are simply too busy with the day-to-day demands of their jobs to organize CUFI events and activism.  This is where you can make a difference. 

If you want to see your church do more for Israel through CUFI, then you can make it happen.  We ask you to prayerfully consider applying to be a CUFI Congregational Representative, Israel’s first line of defense in churches throughout America.

CUFI Congregational Representatives will receive the following benefits:

  • A Congregational Representative Membership Packet which includes:
    • CUFI Congregational Representative Certificate
    • CUFI Congregational Representative Card
    • CUFI Lapel Pin
  • Copy of In Defense of Israel by: Pastor John Hagee
  • Copy of Standing with Israel by: David Brog
  •  Nehemiah Generation Study Guide Volume I
  • Subscription to Torch (CUFI’s quarterly magazine)
  • Quarterly conference calls with CUFI Leadership
  • Quarterly conference calls with U.S. and Israeli elected officials
  • Discount Registration for annual CUFI Washington DC Summit in July

Given the great responsibilities and privileges associated with being a CUFI Congregational Representative, we naturally need to make sure that everyone given this title is authorized by their church and pastor to play this role.  Without your pastor’s blessing, you will not be able to perform the responsibilities required of you. 

If you have received your pastor’s blessing please fill out the CUFI Congregational Representative application below.   If you still need your pastor’s blessing you can use the email that CUFI has prepared that you can send to your pastor asking them to  nominate you to serve as your church’s CUFI Congregational Representative.  Please click here for the email that you can personalize and send to your pastor. 

Upon receipt of your application a CUFI staff member will contact your pastor to confirm your appointment as the CUFI Congregational Representative for your church.   Your CUFI Regional Coordinator will then contact you to discuss the CUFI Congregational Representative Program. You will be approved conditionally as a CUFI Congregational Representative for six months until final approval. 

CUFI Congregational Representative application

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