CUFI in Action


June 2017

After more than ten years building a solid foundation for Christians United for Israel, we have become the largest grassroots pro-Israel organization in America. But more important than sheer size, we are also quickly becoming the most politically influential pro-Israel organization in America. The leaders of our country began taking notice of CUFI’s influence with voters during the fight over the nomination of Chuck Hagel to be Secretary of Defense.
June 7 Kent WA.jpg
 PL June 13 Victor.jpg
June 13 - Zaraphath, NJ - Pastors & Ministry Leaders' Luncheon
Cranston RI 6.26.jpg
June 25 - Cincinnat OH 2.jpg
June 25 - Cincinnati, OH - Standing With Israel

 Charlottesville VA 622. 4.jpg
June 22 - Charlottesville, VA -Standing With Israel

 Charlottesville VA 6_23.jpg
June 23 - Charlottesville, VA - Pastors & Ministry Leaders' Dinner

Kyle_Tx 628 3.jpg
June 28 - Kyle, TX - Standing With Israel
Itasca_TX 629.jpg
June 29 - Itasca, TX - Standing With Israel

 Knoxville_TN 702 2.jpg
 Hazelwood_MO 706_ 2.jpg
July 6 - Hazelwood, MO - Pastors & Ministry Leaders' Luncheon
Columbia_MO 707.jpg
July 7 - Columbia, MO - Standing With Israel

Circleville_OH 709.jpg
July 9 - Circleville, OH - Standing With Israel

Madison_MS 711 3.jpg
July 11 Madison, MS - CUFI Business Symposium
Lifton_GA 711.jpg
July 11 -  Lifton, GA - Standing With Israel

Pharr_TX 712.jpg
July 12 -  Pharr, TX - Standing With Israel
 Edwards CO 7_23_17 -3.jpg
July 23 - Edwards, CO - Standing With Israel Spanish Event

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Burlington WA 8_4_.JPG
 Pawtucket_RI  8_17_17 -2 edited.jpg
August 10 - Pawtucket, RI - Spanish
Pastors and Leaders Dinner Briefing
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 Rochester, NY 8_18_17 -2.jpg
Israel 7_24_17 -5.JPG
Collinsville IL 8_4_17.JPG
Corpus Christi TX 8_6 -2.jpg          
Union MO 8_6_17.JPG
 Osage Beach_MO 8_13_17.JPG
 St. Louis_MO 8_14_17 -2.JPG
Miami, FL 9_5_17.jpg
September 5 - Miami, FL
Spanish Standing With Israel

Saginaw TX 9_7_17.jpeg

September 7 - Saginaw, TX

Spanish Standing With Israel
 Circleville_OH 9_8_17 -2.jpg
September 8-9 Circleville, OH
Standing With Israel
Brooklyn Park _MN 9_12_17.JPG 
September 12 - Brooklyn Park, MN
Standing With Israel
 Nashville TN 9_13_17 -2.JPG
September 15 - Nashville, TN
Standing With Israel

 St. Peters, MO 9_20_17 -2.jpg

September 20 - St. Peters, MO Standing With Israel

 Nashville, TN 9_28_17.jpg 

September 28 - Nashville, TN Leaders Meeting

 Myrtle Beach, SC 10_1_17 (2).jpg 

October 1 - Myrtle Beach, SC Standing With Israel

 Myrtle Beach, SC 10_1_17 (2).jpg

October 4 - Vassalboro, ME Pastors Breakfast


 Franklin, TN 10_7_17 -2.jpg

October 7 - Franklin, TN Standing With Israel



October 7 - Plano, TX Spanish Pastors and Leaders Luncheon


 Flintstone, GA 10_8_17.JPG

October 8 - Flintstone, GA Standing With Israel


October 11 - Farmers Branch, TX Spanish Standing With Israel


May 2017

In a world sadly lacking in moral leadership, CUFI has taken a bold stand. We've never watered down our message or compromised our principles. And we've sometimes paid a price for this. When you criticize the president, you 're not always welcome in the White House.
But it's a new day in Washington, and a new opportunity for CUFI. At the beginning of April, we met with President Trump and Vice President Pence at the White House.


April 2017

There are thousands of pastors in America who care about Israel and even pray for the peace of Jerusalem. But most of these pastors never step up and take action in support of Israel. Pastors are busy people, and they typically have more immediate concerns closer to home. It is difficult to add Israel to their agenda.

March 2017

Continually Fighting Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israel Propaganda
Christians United for Israel is poised for our most exciting and effective season yet, and we are so thankful to have you standing with us as we embark on the next phase of our journey. For ten years, CUFI has been preparing, establishing key relationships, building the right team, and laying the groundwork for what we finally have the opportunity to do. The last decade was amazing, but we believe we have only just arrived at the beginning of God’s divine purpose for us.

February 2017

President Trump has nominated David Friedman to serve as the next US ambassador to the Jewish State. Friedman has had a distinguished career, is extremely well respected, and has had a lifelong commitment to Israel. Yet certain groups are opposing Friedman's nomination because they believe his views on Israel are too conservative.

January 2017

Our response to the Obama Administration's betrayal of Israel
We promised you that Christians United for Israel would hit the ground running in 2017. So far, we're keeping our word.
As you know, in late December the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution singling out Israel for condemnation and declaring that much of Jerusalem is occupied Palestinian land.


November 2016

We are doing more than ever to overcome the lies and misunderstandings that Israel's enemies use to attack the Jewish state
There is an evil lie circulating in America and around the world — the lie that Israel is a racist, apartheid state like South Africa used to be. This apartheid myth fuels the BDS movement to boycott Israel, and we are using every available tool to destroy that myth and expose people to the diversity and freedom that characterizes Israel.

October 2016

Your donations enabled us to send 35 campus student leaders to Israel to kick off their CUFI on Campus year-long Bonhoeffer Fellowship.
Israel’s enemies are aggressively challenging the Jewish state's right to exist, and no place more than on our college campuses.

September 2016

Thanks to you and millions of other Christians who have answered the call to stand up for Israel, we're entering our eleventh year stronger than we've ever been. And thanks to supporters like you we've been able to rise to the challenge of making the case for Israel in a rapidly changing media environment.

August 2016

Last month, we held our 11th annual Washington Summit. What a powerful event this was. For a full day we were educated about Israel by some of the best in the business. At our National Night to Honor Israel, we were motivated by captivating speeches and inspirational music. The next day, thousands of us descended upon Capital Hill to proudly tell our leaders that we expect them to stand with Israel.

July 2016

Exciting things are happening across the country as Christians United for Israel continues to experience rapid growth, and we owe our success to faithful supporters like you who have given so much to bless Israel. Thank you for standing with us as we stand with Israel. Your commitment, prayers, and financial support have enabled us to become the nation’s largest pro-Israel organization and help shape the conversation about Israel in churches, college campuses, the media, and the political arena.

June 2016

This past month was another month of heartbreak for Israel and those who love her. On June 30th, a Palestinian terrorist murdered 13-year-old Hallel Yaffa Ariel in her bed as she lay sleeping.
The very next day, terrorists fired on a car driven by Rabbi Michael Mark. While his wife two of his children survived this attack, Rabbi Mark did not. This father of ten children was laid to rest the very next morning.

May 2016

Don't believe what you read in the papers. Yes -- Israel's enemies are growing larger and bolder. Yes, they are making progress in their effort to delegitimize the Jewish state. But, we who love Israel are rising to this challenge!
CUFI's membership is growing! This month, we were proud to announce that we now have over three million members. This makes us not only the largest pro-Israel organization in the country, but among the largest grassroots organizations in the world.

April 2016

Millennials and college students are the key to the future of the U.S.-Israel relationship. Yet their support for Israel can no longer be taken for granted. Anti-Israel activists backed by significant funds are hard at work trying to convince our young people that Israel is the real threat to humanity in the Middle East. Believe it or not, these efforts are working.
As the largest pro-Israel organization in the country, it is our responsibility to wage a long-term battle for the hearts and minds of the rising generation.

March 2016

On the heels of our 10th anniversary, we are moving forward in very big ways. Your support has enabled us to blaze an ambitious path with a dedicated team in the field capable of keeping up a dizzying pace.
We are thrilled to make a huge announcement: America’s largest pro-Israel organization is joining forces with the world’s largest Christian television network. On February 25, 2016, TBN launched “The Watchman,” a 30-minute, weekly program hosted by CUFI’s Erick Stakelbeck.

February 2016

Two weeks ago marked a pivotal milestone for Christians United for Israel -- we celebrated our 10TH ANNIVERSARY.
Our hearts are filled with gratitude as we look back over how far we've come in 10 short years. Our membership has grown from a few hundred to over 2.8 million. Our events calendar has filled up from one or two a month to over 30 a month. And our influence has grown from "What is CUFI?" to "When will you let me speak at a CUFI event?"

January 2016

As we edge closer to the 10th anniversary of CUFI’s founding, the significant work we’ve been blessed to do along with you is more critical than ever.
Over the last decade because of your support we have become the largest pro-Israel organization in the U.S., with over 2.5 million members and 1.2 million Facebook fans. We have educated millions of American Christians about the biblical and moral imperative to support Israel. We equipped millions of American Christians to defend Israel in their churches, communities, online, and our nation’s capital. We have transformed tens of thousands of churches and communities into pro-Israel churches and communities by holding thousands of pro-Israel events in cities across America. .