Israel 101

Israel 101 will teach you about Israel’s continuous Jewish presence in the land for over 3,000 years, that Jerusalem has always been the capital of Israel, about the wars Israel has been forced to fight to survive, how Israel has offered to make peace again and again, and how modern Israel has fulfilled the biblical promise to be a light to all the nations.

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Join CUFI U on YouTube - To equip you to defend Israel, we invite you to participate in CUFI U on the CUFI YouTube channel the first Thursday of every month at 9:00 PM ET.


Why Christians Should Support Israel

Learn from the founder of Christians United for Israel Pastor John Hagee Why Christians Should Support Israel in this free e-book.

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CUFI's The Watchman

Watch CUFI’s weekly nationally televised show, The Watchman, on TBN about the rising security threats facing America and Israel.

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Talking Points

Check out CUFI’s talking points to stay informed on complicated issues.

CUFI's Small Group Series' Leadership Tour

CUFI’s small group series provides you the materials to teach yourself and your small group why and how to stand up for Israel.

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The Israel pledged demonstrates to our nation’s leaders that millions of Christians demand that they stand with Israel.  Every signature makes CUFI’s voice louder and makes Israel stronger.

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Send a clear message to our elected officials that millions of Christians are paying attention and will hold them responsible for how they treat Israel. When you receive an action alert, please take 2 minutes to respond and share it.

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CUFI Washington Summit

The Washington Summit makes Israel stronger and her people safer by bringing thousands of Christians from all 50 states to personally express their support for Israel to their elected officials on Capitol Hill.

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Attending local CUFI events will equip you with the facts necessary to defend and support Israel. We hold pro-Israel events across the country almost every day of the month.