My first CUFI Summit has opened my eyes and has drawn my heart even closer to Israel and the Jewish people. The opposition to Israel's existence by other nations is real. We cannot look away! It is our responsibility, and privilege, as Christians to stand boldly and voice our support for Israel to our friends, neighbors and elected officials.

-      Michele Sylvester, Wilmington, DE


As a first-time attendee, I wanted to let all of you know how overwhelmingly impressed I was with the 1) quality, 2) integrity, 3) scope of the conference you planned.  As a conference meeting planner for a national trade association, I notice things!!  Kudos to the entire CUFI organization.  I look forward to getting involved during the year with local CUFI events here in the Washington, DC area.

-      Raylene Weis, Washington, DC


I'm Jewish and this was my first year attending the Summit. I was overwhelmed by the love and support of the Christian community of Israel and the Jewish people. Thank you CUFI! I was also impressed by the excellence in every aspect of the Summit from speakers, to materials, to organization and administration, to conference facility.

-      Patti Whetsell, Thomasville, GA


As a first-time Summit attendee, I was impressed with the coordination, size, scale, and depth of information available at Summit. Meeting like-minded believers from around the country was a real treat. I also was most affected spiritually by the Daughters for Zion teaching and prayer event!

-      David Fassett, Cazenovia, NY


I have always felt I didn't know my purpose for the Lord’s work. I do now; it’s Israel.

-      Dennis Boring, Galloway, OH


It was an honor and privilege to attend this year’s 2018 CUFI Summit! This was our first CUFI Summit experience and we welcomed the opportunity to learn about Israel, the Jewish people and how CUFI is committed to supporting Israel!  We feel blessed to have this chance to grow and to have met such wonderful people!

-      Rhonda Traub, Xenia, OH


If you can’t go to Israel, come to the next CUFI Summit! I have found it to be that enlightening and inspiring. Nowhere else will one find so many congressmen, ambassadors, rabbis, and pastors together and all be in "One Accord"!

-      Phyllis Faust, Chesapeake, VA


In the past I have participated online. Due to family illness I could not attend. I lived with excitement and anticipation for weeks. When I received my invite from CUFI, I signed up immediately. The experience has gone above my imagination. Even though I have a heart for Israel, my heart is even bigger now. Thank you for the opportunity of being a part this Summit. It has been an experience that has opened my eyes even wider to the urgency of our support for Israel. In person attendance with a wonderful group of like-minded individuals is far better than viewing on line... which I am grateful for. Thank you.

-      Lyn Rice

It was our first time at the CUFI Summit. Being from Vermont we discovered that many people have been praying for our state! We were welcomed with open arms and are now in the process of coordinating a couple of CUFI events in Vermont!

-      Richard Menard, St. Johnsbury, VT


I attended my first Summit in 2016 and, though nervous since I had never been to Capital Hill let alone lobbied there, I went home with a new resolve to educate myself as much as possible so that I could take a better stand for Israel. Since then I traveled to Israel for the first time thanks to CUFI, held a regional CUFI event, and came back for my second Summit prepared both to be inspired as well as to speak boldly in my representatives offices on behalf of Israel. I am thankful to say that I accomplished both and will be back next year to continue carrying the torch.

-      Randy Lebaron- Albion, NY.

“This is definitely a life changing trip. It is awesome and encouraging to be among so many pro-Israel people, and to see the unity among Christians. The atmosphere is so energizing and electrifying. It makes me aware that I am part of something so much bigger than myself, that I do have a voice and it really does matter.”

-      Jordan (9th Summit)


“Each time I attend CUFI, I am challenged to be more vocal in support of Israel.  I also leave with FACTS which I can use to inform others.”

-      Barbara (2nd Summit)


“I've been to the Summit six times. Each year I've brought someone new. Each of these people have become supporters of Israel due to the biblical and educational information they have learned. I'm already planning on going next year to  show my Christian support of Israel! I'm also thankful that the PA Congressman Toomey and Marino we visit support Israel. Thanks to everyone who puts this great event together.”

-      Lind (6th Summit)


“Past years were like boot camp, this year was marching orders. Chodoff, Kemp, Stakelbeck, brought home the seriousness of this Summit. It is comparable to a semester of University in 3 days, with a civics lesson to top it off.”

-      Paula  (9th Summit)


“I was so deeply moved, you had to be there. Not at all like watching it on the computer. My emotions were hard to contain.”

-      Linda  (1st Summit)





Alumni Testimonials


The CUFI Summit has been a learning environment for my family.  From my husband and I to our three kids, who attend the Camp CUFI each year, we have learned so much about God's heart and love for Israel.  By participating in the annual Summit, we are able to put our words to action and help make a difference for Israel.  We look forward to this event every year and are so grateful to be able to participate.

-      Brianna Collum, Douglasville, GA (4thSummit)


CUFI Summit is the ultimate opportunity to be an effective activist for Israel. CUFI's record of results shows that we are keeping our nation's heart turned towards Israel, and in ways that really count.

-      Mike McNally, Nashville, TN (13thSummit) 


Summer's best 3 days are always the CUFI DC Summit! It provides wonderful fellowship and education.

-      Kathy Schmitt, Virginia Beach, VA (12thSummit)


As a Jew whose mother escaped the horrors of Poland just in time and as a teenager in Boston who faced anti-Semitism daily; I love and so appreciate the love; support and proactive action of CUFI towards the support of the Jewish State of Israel and the Jewish people everywhere: May God bless Pastor Hagee; his associates and all members of CUFI for the actions they take to keep Israel and the Jewish community safe.

-      Martha Miller, Marietta, GA (4thSummit)


I have been with CUFI since the onset.  It only gets better and better.  Excellence at every level. So proud to be associated with CUFI.

-      Sandy Ollen, Cool, CA (5thSummit)


My wife and I believe that Christians everywhere need to be educated and informed about the truth about Israel and the Jewish people. CUFI does exactly that and goes further to promote legislation to aid and assist Israel. The Holy Land continues to be a light unto the nations and we need to be supportive of their efforts. We need to donate to, pray for, speak out the truth about Israel for God's sake. CUFI and all its members are doing exactly that. What a blessing!  As Pastor Hagee said, "Full speed ahead!" Doing what's right for our God's Kingdom is a privilege and honor. Thank you CUFI for all you've done and will do in the future. We fully support your efforts - God Bless You all.

-      Dale White, Columbia Crossroads, PA (6thSummit)


CUFI DC Summit is an immense gift to our college students to inform and equip them with biblical faith, government, and action. This is the highest and best use of our donations for the difference it makes in keeping them from deception and rooted in truth and righteousness.

-      Rosemary Schindler Garlow, El Cajon, CA (13thSummit)


I attend the CUFI Summit year after year for two reasons: I am personally recharged and secondly, this renewed energy is palpable and contagious as I return to my community to share materials, all that I've learned, and most importantly - my experience on the Hill.

-      Barb Wynveen, Chargrin Falls, OH (5thSummit)


This was my 5th Summit. I can honestly say each time my expectations are exceeded.

-      Valerie Goward, Chudiak, AK (5thSummit)


This was my 12thSummit, and I can say every single year it continues to get better and our support more critical.  My husband and I brought 6 people with us from Naples, FL for their first time, and they will be back with us again next year!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to be a part of what God is doing through us on behalf of Israel!

-      Marilyn Ling, Naples, FL (12thSummit)


We love CUFI and the work being done. We want to be more involved with CUFI and host more events. We are honored to serve as city directors. We want to reach more people in our community and encourage them to attend the summit next year. We have 7 people from our small group going on the CUFI trip in November with us. Our goal is to reach more people that have a love for Israel!

-      Larry Perry, Panama City Beach, FL (3rdSummit)


Following the Monday lunch session, I saw a white haired lady in a wheel chair.  She had a sparkle in her eyes that would light up the room, and a smile that you could see from across the room.  It was announced that she was a survivor of the holocaust.  I went over to her and bent over to take her hand. She was 105 years old.  I did not know what to say. I could not find words.  I just held her hand.  Her eyes began to be misty and I smiled at her.  I realized at that moment I was not watching a movie, a documentary or a listening to a history lecture.  I was looking at someone who had personally experienced what others had only read about. I was in the presence of one of God's family members who was very special.  I left the meeting trying hard not to have tears there in public. I walked around a while, took deep breaths, bit my lip and sat down alone.  I did not want to cry there in the middle of the large lobby.  I can still remember her as I shook her hand and nothing was said. I had been in the presence of someone very special. I have her photo on my phone and have shared it with others.   I realized why we were all at that place and why we support Israel and the Jewish people. I would like to do more in the future.

-      Jerry Thrift, Oklahoma City, OK (2ndSummit)


Anyone who has attended a CUFI Summit, knows this incredible event with over 6,000 Christian Supporters of Israel is an unforgettable experience. 

 There are no better friends of Israel. I have attended and it is an exceptional experience. If you can...go...you will be refreshed, inspired and exhilarated by the deep support of our Christian friends for the Jewish State of Israel. - Rabbi Pesach Lerner 

“By the end of DC summit I was more informed, encouraged and prepared to advocate for Israel on campus.” – Stephanie , Clark Atlanta University

“Coming back from Israel and going to the Christians United for Israel Summit for my third time, has helped me to understand why it is important for Christians to stand, advocate, and pray for Israel now more than ever. The Summit is always like a family reunion to me and most of my closest friends have come from the annual Summit.”

-      Alcinia , Rhema Bible College


“To be able to see so many different nationalities, cultures, and students come together from across the nation to support Israel was quite amazing. The information that was provided and given to us was so impactful and helpful, that it set us up for greatness. Overall my experience thus far with CUFI in general has been outstanding and truly a blessing from God.”

-      Nathanael, Hawaii Pacific University


“God has opened so many doors in my life as a result of me standing up for Israel. My prayer is that CUFI continues investing in students by sending them to Israel and the DC summit.”

-      Gabrielle, The University of Alabama


“Summit, for me, is an amazing time to link up with like-minded young adults to collaborate, inspire, and encourage one another. What I genuinely appreciate is passion and effort CUFI puts into educating their student leaders on the importance of supporting Israel.”

-      Markia, The University of Alabama


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