Make this a vacation with a purpose!

Attendees will participate in exciting games, interactive teachings and activities that will teach them how to love and bless Israel. For families, the CUFI Washington Summit is truly a vacation with a purpose!

Ages 5-10 will enjoy hands on activities using exciting games, crafts, dances and interactive teachings.

Ages 11-15 will experience special breakout sessions with CUFI leadership and guest speakers, exciting games, music and more!

Every event is designed to teach your kids how to love the Jewish people and bless the nation of Israel. Camp CUFI Kids and Camp CUFI Youth are one-of-a kind unforgettable educational experiences!


Camp CUFI Kids and Camp CUFI Youth Program includes all activities and supplies, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, snacks, crafts and a complimentary CUFI t-shirt.

Join the fun and games.

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The cost for each child includes complete adult supervision and is equivalent to only $4.00/hour for a life changing experience your kids and teens will never forget.


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