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Many Christians are embarrassed by how little they know about the miraculous modern State of Israel.

They may know scripture about Israel like the back of their hand, but when words like “apartheid”, “disproportionate retaliation” or “refugees” are used against Israel, they don’t know how to respond.

They know Israel needs them to speak up, but they remain silent because of a lack of knowledge.

CUFI can help you change that with engaging, informative and fact-filled films from Jerusalem U. Remember, in Israel, defending is too often done on front lines and war zones in America we must do our part by standing up to anti-Israel lies.

“Truth is your weapon, and facts are your ammunition. Load up!”
- Israel Defense Forces (res) Major Elliot Chodoff

CUFI’s partnership with Jerusalem U allows you to provide in-depth, cutting edge educational and discussion-inspiring videos, at no cost to your church or group, saving you thousands of dollars in screening fees.

From award winning works that inspire, to informative courses unavailable elsewhere, participating churches and small groups will have members empowered like never before with a deep understanding of Israel, her history, and her challenges. The seemingly complex Israeli-Arab conflict becomes easy to grasp as blanks are filled in, dots are connected, and elusive puzzle pieces are finally put into place.

Don’t miss this opportunity to give your church and your community this critical knowledge so they can learn the facts and history that some world leaders are aggressively taking steps to erase and rewrite.

Please help us use these excellent films to equip and inspire those around you to effectively stand up and speak up for Israel and the Jewish People.



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