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At CUFI's S.A.L.T, Adding Spice to Advocacy

Excerpt from Israel Campus Beat

More than 100 students from 74 campuses across 35 states gathered in San Antonio, Texas, in the first week of January to learn how to become better advocates for Israel. They came for a conference sponsored by Christians United for Israel, but they represented College Republicans, College Democrats and other groups in addition to their local CUFI on Campus chapters.

CUFI’s Second Annual Student Advocacy Leadership Training (S.A.L.T.) was a three-day cram session packed with tips to help campus leaders advocate for Israel. CUFI's national campus director, Jeremiah Nasiatka, set the tone when he greeted the attendees by saying, “We want to impact the world.”

The participants came expecting to learn how to impact their campuses, but the organizers had even higher hopes: They wanted these 100 student activists to send a message to the globe: Anti-Israel sentiment is no longer just a Jewish problem, and Jews and non-Jews alike will work together to change the campus environment.

Tyler Howell, a first-year master's student at Trinity International University, described the S.A.L.T. Conference as, “strategic on how you reach out to leaders, especially to the opinion leaders on your campus in fostering good solid relationships.” Howell found the session entitled "Small Groups," led by CUFI's East Coast campus field organizer, David Walker, to be particularly helpful as it addressed ways to engage student government leaders, College Republicans and Democrats as well as other campus leaders.

Sam Bain, who co-chairs the Ohio College Republican Federation and is a senior at Saint Clair University, said he attended the conference in order to learn. “The best way to stand up for something is to know everything you can about it because when you go on campus you’re going to be faced with opposition [and] questions,” he said.

Conference sessions provided tips on debunking myths regarding Israel, and also helped participants learn how to answer questions regarding terms like “occupation” and “settlements” that many students encounter on campus.

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