What Happens When Jews and Christians Throw an Israel Celebration Party
American Embassy Will Be Moved to Jerusalem, Vice President Pence Says
Netanyahu: Evangelical Christians are Israel's Best Friends
Pence: 'Day Will Come' When Trump Delivers on Promise to Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem
Pence pledges to move US embassy to Jerusalem
Pence: Trump Will Move Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem
Pence Reiterates Pledge to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem
Hagee: Israel Will Always Be the Victor
Mike Pence and Trent Franks Lead Thousands of Christians at CUFI's Pro-Israel Event
Nevada Governor Signs Anti-BDS Law
Why Trump's Promise to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem is so Controversial
Trump Risks Ire of Millions of Pro-Israel Voters by Keeping Embassy in Tel Aviv
Pence to Speak at Christian Pro-Israel Group's Annual Summit
Holocaust Survivor Speaks in Montgomery: Don't Let History Repeat Itself
Local Pastors Visit Israel, See Sacred Sites
Christian Zionists Urge Trump to Keep his Promise on Moving Embassy to Jerusalem
Trump's Truman Moment
Montclair State Student Government Votes No On BDS
Texas Governor Passes Pro-Israel Law on Israel's Independence Day
A Boost for U.S.-Israeli Ties
Texas House Approves Bill Blocking State Investment In Anti-Israel Businesses
Menendez Signals Openness to Taylor Force Act
Black Zionist Leader: Despite Anti-Israel Movement Efforts, Vast Majority of African Americans Support Jewish State
Senate Committee Approves Trump Pick for Israel Envoy
Sen. Lindsey Graham to Reintroduce Bill Cutting off Palestinian Aid for Paying Salaries to Terrorists
Confronting 'Injustice,' Pro-Israel Christians Rally Support for a US embassy in Jerusalem
Trump's Israel Envoy Pick Faces off With Democrats, Protesters
CUFI Public Policy Arm: The New Sheriff in Town
Holocaust Survivor to Speak at West Texas A&M University
GOP Senators Demand Palestinians Stop Rewarding Terrorism
After Obama's Betrayal Of The Jewish State, Christians Gathered in D.C. To Fight Back
The Dawn of a Renewed US-Israel Alliance
Congregations From Two Faiths Come Together to Help Families in Need
Thirteen's a Lucky Number for Night to Honor Israel Supporters
The Battle Between Good and Evil
Speaking From Experience: Holocaust Survivor Shares Story
Anti-BDS Activists Decry Lutherans' 'Obsession' with Israel
'I was the campus anti-Semite,' says reformed Muslim Zionist
What's It Like To Be A Jew In A Room Full of Christians
Hagee: Pro-Israel evangelicals will 'storm' US voting booths
At 3.1 million members, CUFI continues to promote Israel support as core Christian value
CUFI Responsible for GOP's Strong Pro-Israel Platform?
Pastor Hagee: Christians Who Stand Against Israel Are on the Wrong Side of History
Priest Who Encourages IDF Enlistment: No Better Place For Christians Than Israel
Twitter and Hamas
Pastor John Hagee: "Christians owe the Jewish people everything."
Christians United for Israel Holds First Annual 'Night to Honor Israel' in London
Yom HaShoah Service Sparks Tears -- and Hope
200+ Hear Dumisani Washington Praise Israel
CUFI: Awareness Is Key to Pro-Israel Group Surpassing 3 Million Members
WATCH: Why Are There Palestinian Refugees?
The Corner: Why Are There Still Palestinian Refugees?
Israeli Gen. Benny Gantz, Former IDF Chief of Staff, Featured Guest on "The Watchman," Thursday April 28 -- Only on TB
Christian Zionists Stand Up for Israel
Major International Anti-BDS Conference Concludes in Los Angeles
Christian Zionism's Uncontainable Miracle(s)
Letter to the Editor: Many American Jews Support Israel
Middle East Political Analyst Details How the Obama Admin Has Underestimated World Powers
Outreach to Black Community becoming a Staple in Pro-Israel Advocacy
An Evening with Irving Roth Offers Wisdom and Love
CUFI Teams with Christian Network TBN to Launch News Show on Israel, U.S.
CUFI Declares War on Anti-Semitism
"Progressives" Turning Evangelicals against Israel
Israel's Detractors Don't Care About African Refugees (Or the Truth)
Pastor Hagee and Rabbi Scheinberg: A Holy Bond
New Poll Reveals Evangelical Christians Fuel Republican Support For Israel
For Persecuted Mideast Christians, Obama Tongue-Tied on Genocide
Our Promise to Ernie Haas
Christians Who Deeply Move Israelis
Never Again Rally At Miami Beach Holocaust Memorial
Thursday's RJC Event Is More Important Than a Debate
North Georgia and Chattanooga Celebrate a "Night to Honor Israel"
Federations Defend Evangelical Supporters of Israel
Israel Saves Lives of Arab and African Children, U.S. Health Group Lauds Video
John Hagee Ministries Distributes $3.2 Million to Israeli and Jewish Charities
A Night To Honor Israel Set For Nov. 12
In Whippany, Christians Rally for Israel
Ann Coulter Slammed for Profane Tweet on Jews in GOP Commentary
GUEST APPEARANCE: Iran Nuclear Deal 'Tragically Flawed'
Senate Democrats Vs. Voters on Iran [Updated]
Obama the Miracle Worker Unites Christians and Jews Against Iran Deal
The Non-Jewish AIPAC
San Antonio Neighborhood Desecrated by Anti-Semitic Attack
Washington Battle Rages over Iran Nuclear Deal's Fate
Thousands Protest the Iran Deal at Times Square Rally
Teen, Pastor Want Fitchburg to Fly Israeli Flag in Main Street Display
GOP Candidates: Nuke Deal a Foreign Policy Disaster
Over 5,000 Christians March on Washington to Quash Iran Deal
CUFI Christians Mobilize For Battle On Iran Deal
CUFI on the Hill: Christian Zionist group ramps up DC office amid Iran deal
All eyes on Iran at Christian United For Israel summit
Pastor Hagee calls Iran nuke agreement 'historic, bad deal for the world'
Religious responses to the Iran deal: Will we be safer or sorry?
Christians United for Israel draws 5,000 to Washington for summit
Get ready for the pro-Israel NRA
Israel Crisis Averted in Missouri as Biology Professor's Anti-Zionist Course Nixed
Newsmax's Top 100 Christian Leaders in America
Israel Crisis Averted in Missouri as Biology Professor's Anti-Zionist Course Nixed
Joining Forces to Fight the Anti-Israel Boycott
Exclusive: Christians United for Israel Combats Anti-Semitism with Diversity
How Should Pro-Israel Voices Tackle the War of Ideas on College Campuses?
CUFI Applauds Netanyahu's Reelection, Expresses Worry over US-Israeli Ties
Scott Walker Heads to Israel
CUFI on Campus Plays Central Role in Defeating SSCCC anti-Israel Resolution
Colleges Connect with Israel
Pro-Israel Effort to Combat BDS on US State Level Gains Steam
Pro-Israel Groups Blast 'Anti-Semitic' Course at UC Riverside
Iran Nuclear Deal's Fate Could Swing on Decisions of a Few US Lawmakers
Veto Override Fear Spurred Obama to Back Oversight Bill, Groups Claim
Israel and the African-American Vote
This Deal Leads to War
In Support of Corker-Menendez Bill, CUFI Places Full-Page Ads in Home-State Newspapers of Key Senators
Can 231,445 People Who Want Tom Cotton Tried for Treason Be Wrong? (Yes)
Christians United for Israel Acts to Block 'Bad' Nuclear Deal with Iran
Christians Loving Jews
Team Bibi Schools Team Obama in Speech Boycott Showdown
2 Million-Strong CUFI Seeks to Double Christian Support for Israel
Netanyahu: Israel 'Must Speak Our Mind about the Dangers to Our People'
Jewish State Has 2 Million Friends in Christians United for Israel
CUFI Launches New Millennial-Focused "Israel Collective" Initiative, Releases Two Short Films
Christians United for Israel Reaches Two Million Members
Christians United for Israel Hits 2 Million
'Savvy' Pro-Israel Christian Group Primed to Impact 2016 Races
Pro-Israel Groups Ship SodaStream to Harvard Leaders Following Ban
Pence Announces Plans for 9-day Trip to Israel
Bridgeway Church to Welcome Evangelist Dr. Randy Caldwell
Christians Gather in Ringgold, Ga., to Show Solidarity with Israel
John Hagee Ministries Blesses Israel with Life-Saving Ambulances
While Threats to Israel Surge, So Does Christian Zionism, Says CUFI's Hagee
14 Groups Urge Colleges to Protect Jewish Students from Anti-Semitism
Rochester Israel Supporters Gather in Solidarity
US House Calls for Tougher Fight against Anti-Semitism
Ted Cruz and Speaking Truth to the Persecuted
Three Days in the Holy Land
Interview with Pastor John Hagee, Founder of 'Christians United for Israel'
Christians Respond to the War on the Jewish State
The Oldest Hatred: Europe vs. the New World
Cuomo, Visiting Israel, Joins Growing U.S. List
Christians United For Israel Jumps to the Forefront of Pro-Israel Groups
We Support You: CUFI Visits Israel's 'Rocket Town'
Israel's Friend in Need
Pastors Visit Israel on Solidarity Mission
Evangelical Pastors from Every U.S. State Show Solidarity with Israel at Conflict's Frontline
Israel Demands Hamas Be Disarmed as Peace Talks Start
Israeli Priest to U.S. Pastors: 'Your Responsibility' to Protect Mideast Christians
Christians United for Israel Extends National Pro-Israel Ad Campaign
Pastors in Israel: We Support Your Right to Defeat Hamas
Christian Group Has 'No Scintilla of Hesitation' Visiting Israel
CUFI Pushing Back Against Pro-Hamas Narrative From Kerry and Mainstream Media
Christian Evangelicals Show Muscle on Israel
National Ad Campaign Delivers Tough Message About the 'True Nature of Hamas'
CUFI Runs Ads in Major Daily Papers to Set Record Straight on Hamas Terror
Christians United for Israel Launches National Ad Campaign
In Face of Riots, Christians United For Israel Stage Loud And Passionate Support
CUFI Fighting Back: Adding a Christian Pro-Israel Voice On Campus
Christian Support for Israel Rooted in Genesis Promises, Not End-Times Prophecy, Evangelicals Say
Israel's Outspoken Envoy Is Wise to U.S. Way
Washington, D.C.: Where Christians Unite for Israel
Israeli Leader Thanks Christian Supporters
Christians Gather in DC to Embrace and Support Israel
CUFI Lauds Israel at Annual Summit
Christian Summit Dispels Media Distortions on Israel
Inhofe Calls for Return of Iran Sanctions
Dermer: IDF Deserves Nobel Peace Prize for 'Unimaginable Restraint'
While Gaza Conflict Rages, CUFI Summit Rallies Christian Support for Israel
Charles Krauthammer Calls the U.N. the 'Headquarters of the Libel Against the Jewish People'
Foreign Policy Matters to Christian Conservatives
Making Americans Complicit in Terrorism
Presbyterian Church Approves Israel Divestment, but Does its Boycott Even Matter?
"A Night to Honor Israel"
J Street: Anti-Israel, Pro-Lying
Against All Odds, Israel Celebrates 66 Years of Statehood
A Christian Pastor's Passover Sermon
Bill Would Prohibit State Department from Granting Visas to U.N. Ambassadors Who Are Also Terrorists
The Yasser Arafat School of Public Relations
The Teaching of Contempt Returns
An LED Light Unto the Nations
NGO Monitor: U.S., U.K., Netherlands Fund Anti-Israel 'Christ at the Checkpoint' Conference
Do funders like George Soros pose a threat to Evangelical Christian support for Israel?
The End of Evangelical Support for Israel?
Holocaust Survivor Asks Students for Continued Support of Israel
Christians Fight for Middle East Religious Freedom Watchdog
Legislating Against BDS
Reid Under Fire for Defying Majority on Sanctions
Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly to Again Consider Israeli Divestment Proposal
The Peace of Jerusalem
Pro-Israel Group 'Saddened' by Obama's Opposition to More Iranian Sanctions
Twitter Suspends Hamas Military Wing Account
How I (and you?) Fought Hamas Online and Won
White House Loses Leverage in Iran Talks
Christians United for Israel Grows Despite Skeptics
"Where are Israel's Enemies of Centuries Past?" An Interview with Pastor John Hagee
Iran sanctions push not delayed, say major pro-Israel groups AIPAC and CUFI
Pro-Israel Organization Pushing for Tougher Iran Sanctions
Mike Huckabee Honors Israel; John Hagee Calls for Iran Sanctions at San Antonio Megachurch's Feast of Tabernacles Celebration
Did this Pro-Palestinian Activists' Stunt at Rutgers go too Far?
A Night to Honor Israel Celebrates Nation, People
Holocaust Survivor Visits MTSU
Anti-Christian Violence Spurs CUFI Support of Bill to Create U.S. Envoy for Religious Minorities
At Rutgers University, artists deliver pro-Israel message
A Lesson From Martin Luther King
Summer Travel Exciting and Educational
CBN's Dr. Pat Robertson: 'We Love Israel'
Jewish 100: Pastor John Hagee Community
Meet the Christians who Stand with Israel
All the Intifada That Fits to Print
Greater Rochester Gathers to Honor Israel
The Media's True Failure in Gaza
Interview with Pastor Carlos Ortiz
Christians United For Israel Visits United Hatzalah to Learn How Lifesaving is Uniting the People of Israel
Friedman Confirmed as Ambassador to Israel
Who Are the Weak Links on Iran?
CUFI Responds to Attack on Pastor Hagee by Disgraced Journalist Bruce Wilson
The Largest Pro-Israel Christian Group In US Calls Netanyahu's Speech a 'Churchill Moment'
Steven Sotloff was Jewish and held Israeli citizenship
Revisiting "Why Christians Support Israel"
The Longest Genocide
Israeli Teens on Front Lines for Liberty
The 5 things I brought back with me from my CUFI mission to Israel
Hezbollah digs in for more conflict with Israel
Temple to Host Solidarity Conference Supporting Israel
Memories Fresh for Holocaust Survivor; Penn State Speaker Endured Nazi Atrocities, Camps
Pro-Israel Community Taking Cautious Line on Syria
Morning Bits
Congress Urged to Establish Special Envoy Protecting Religious Minorities in Middle East
Coptic Christians March on White House, Washington Post
Anti-Christian Violence in Egypt: 'A Modern Pogrom'
Netanyahu Warns CUFI: Israel Not Iran's Sole Target
Video: Exclusive Interview with Pastor John Hagee
Cantor Lived to Tell About Auschwitz
A Rallying Cry from Christians United for Israel
CUFI: Where Israel Isn't Just a Tightrope Act
Prosor: Delegitimization campaign against Israel 'Chinese torture'
Ted Cruz Blasts Obama for Weak Foreign Policy; Commends Pro-Israel Christians
CUFI student activists, without 'obvious self-interest,' seek to legitimize pro-Israel message on campus
Beck Puts His Money Where His Mouth is in Impassioned Christians United for Israel Speech
Netanyahu thanks Christians for supporting Israel
The Miracle of Israel's Enduring Love
Erdogan's Error
CUFI Takes More than 160 Pastors to Israel
CUFI Brings Christian Voice to Campus Israel Support
Hagel's Damaged Brand
Hagel: Israel heading toward 'apartheid'
G.O.P. Blocks Vote in Senate on Hagel for Defense Post
Hagel fight heats up with senators' grilling, pro-Israel Christian opposition
Christian Zionists spearhead fight against Hagel
CUFI lobbies against Hagel appointment
Christian Leaders Converge on DC to Lobby Against Hagel Confirmation
CUFI Emergency Summit to Lobby US Senators to Vote Against Hagel
Faith Leaders to Lawmakers: Block Hagel Nomination
Cornyn Blasts Hagel
More than 400 Christian leaders converge on DC to protest Hagel nomination
Chuck Hagel's colleague: So many Jews, so much disloyalty
Hagel, Foes Gear up for Critical Week
400 Christian Leaders Come to Washington to Lobby Against Chuck Hagel
Christians United for Israel Summit to Fight Hagel Nomination
The Pastor Lobby Takes on Hagel
Exclusive: Christian Group to Lobby Every Senator to Vote no on Hagel for Defense
As the right gets its act together on Hagel, the White House scrambles
Chuck Hagel's Chances
CUFI Opposes Hagel DoD Nomination
Copy of CUFI Opposes Hagel for Defense Chief
CUFI Opposes Hagel for Defense Chief
Did You Know About the Surprising Views on Israel of Obama's Likely Pick for Secretary of Defense?
Is Twitter Above the Law?
John Hagee's CUFI Facebook Page Hits 1 Million 'Likes'
'Wilkow!': Is U.S. on the Side of Israel in Settlement Backlash?
CUFI's Facebook Page Reaches 1 Million "Likes"
Christian Zionists Cautious Over Rand Paul's Israel Policies
Students Wage On-Campus Battle for Israel
Rand Paul's New Message on Israel
Community rally today to show support for Israel
Professor shares ideas for resolving conflict in Israel
Efforts grow to Ban Hamas from Twiter
Republicans want terrorist twitter accounts shut down
US Lawmakers Take Up Call to Ban Hamas from Twitter
Calls mount to ban Hamas from Twitter
S.A. watches Gaza conflict through religions' lens
Gaza violence leads lawmakers to call for shuttering terror groups on Twitter
Rutgers pro-Israel rally draws 250 supporters
CUFI Launches Campaign to #BanHamas From Twitter
CUFI Demands: 'No Twitter for Terrorists'
'No Twitter for Terrorists': pro-Israel group demands Hamas tweet ban
Christians United for Israel demand Twitter ban Hamas
Christian Zionists try to ban Hamas from Twitter
Christian Group Petitions Twitter to Ban Terrorist Group Hamas
New Campaign to Ban Terrorists From Twitter
CUFI Launches Campaign to #BanHamas from Twitter
John Hagee Ministries Hosts 31st Annual Night to Honor Israel
Christians United for Israel Hosts Israeli Soldier to Talk on the Middle East at Northern Colorado
Thousands of Texas Christians Rally for Israel
Christians rally in support of Israel, Jewish people
Holocaust survivor shares story at UTPB
Americans Heart Israel
Holocaust survivor warns that history is repeating itself
Holocaust survivor condemns demonizing nation of Israel
Christian Zionist group: Israel's case is not being made on the Left
CUFI Director vs. Israel's Liberal Critics
Moral Israel in an Immoral Middle East
CUFI's Brog Publishes MEQ Essay: "The Failure of the American Jewish Left"
Christians Picking on Israel
Thousands turn out to support and honor Israel at Tulsa event
The Failure of the American Jewish Left
Protestant churches' letter on Israel straining ties with Jews
Israel subject of synagogue's presidential forum
CUFI Statement on Christian Clergy Letter Concerning Aid to Israel
For Israel on campus, time to show the love
Democrats Reverse Course: God, Jerusalem Back in Platform
John Hagee: Christian pastor with a Zionist message
The Foreign Policy 50
Why I Stand With Israel
Meet the Christian Zionists
It's unanimous: Sacramento, Ashkelon now sister cities
Will Sacramento Choose an Israel "Sister?"
Sacramento's message to the pro-Israel community
Pro-Palestinian Activists Pressure Sacramento to Reject Israeli Sister City...But 'Bethlehem, Palestine' Was OK in '09
Anti-Israel activists bid to torpedo Sacramento-Ashkelon sister city plan
Rocket Shelled Ashkelon Marked as Den of Apartheid by Sacramento Israel Haters, May Lose Sister City Bid
Sacramento gears up for Israel sister city fight
US must act on Iran soon, says Senator Lieberman
What's at stake for Romney in Israel
Jewish Leaders Express Concerns, Gratitude at CUFI Conference
Stakelbeck on Terror: From the Annual CUFI Summit
At CUFI's 'Night to Honor Israel,' Exuberance Abounds
A Prominent Rabbi's Take on Jewish-Christian Relations
Hagee on Stopping Iran, Admiring Netanyahu and Obama's Mideast Mistake
CUFI: A Godsend
Neighborly Love
Christians United For Israel: The Modern-Day Righteous Gentiles?
Netanyahu Thanks Christians at CUFI Summit
Christian Zionists United to Oust Obama
Bachmann Takes Off Gloves on Obama at CUFI Summit
Benjamin Netanyahu Thanks Christians at CUFI Summit
Bachmann addresses CUFI Summit, Slams Obama's Weak Support of Israel
Christian Zionism: An Extended Reality Check
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Addresses CUFI D.C. Summit, Reaffirms U.S.-Israel Relationship
In Christian version of AIPAC conference, CUFI draws 5,600 to Washington for pro-Israel lobbying
John Hagee: CUFI Doesn't Take Sides in Israel Peace Process
How long can Israel survive?
How long can Israel survive?
Christian Zionism: An Overdue Reality Check
Metro Duss
Special Report Journey to the Holy Land
'Anger, Shock & Revulsion': Jewish Campus Posters Defaced With Swastika & Anti-Semitic Message at Portland State
The Christian crisis '60 Minutes' ignored
Journalistic Malpractice CBS under fire for '60 Minutes' segment attacking Israel
'60 Minutes' slammed on segment on Christians in Israel
Backlash builds over '60 Minutes' hatchet job on Israel
Christian Zionists Respond Overwhelmingly to '60 Minutes' Attack on Israel
CBS lies about number of complaints it received
Fox News Mentions CUFI -- '60 Minutes' Under Fire for Attacking Israel
CBS piece on Christians' plight in Middle East -- in Israel?
A message to CBS
Media Matters' Anti-Christian Agenda Exposed
REPORT: Media Matters 'built on anti-Christian bias'
Vandals Destroy Pro-Israel Billboards
Jesus for Jews
Backers of Israel Rally
Christians United for Israel Denounces Duss, J Street
Evangelical Ministers Converge on Jerusalem in Support of Israel
Netanyahu: Biblical Values Set Israel Apart
Christians United for Israel Crosses Million Member Mark
Israeli Prime Minister: Jewish State Safest Place for Christians in Middle East
Christians United for Israel Hits a Million
Seeing Israel for the first time, again
Netanyahu Lauds Evangelical Group for Support
PM to CUFI: Israel Safest ME State for Christians
Hagee's Christians United for Israel (CUFI) Reaches One million Members
CT Christians raise their voices for Israel
Sen. Lieberman, Pastor Hagee Speak at a Night to Honor Israel in Bloomfield
Besieged Israel is a beacon of faith
Israel issue could help Romney with evangelicals
Onward Christian soldiers
Christians, pastors show support for Israel
CUFI students making a difference on campus
Christians United for Israel Launches "Defend America-Vote Israel" Initiative
Towards a conservative foreign policy: the Israel model by David Brog- an op-ed that appeared in The Daily Caller
Holocaust Survivor Shares His Story In Grand Forks
Opinion: Time to rethink how we relate to Christians
Georgia Pastors Get Up-Close Look at Israel's Peril
Student organization to host Holocaust survivor
At CUFI's S.A.L.T, Adding Spice to Advocacy
Psalms 100
Daniel 2:20-21
Palestinian Hip-Hop Group Comparing Israelis to Nazis Performs for Oregon Public High School Students
Excellent op-ed by CUFI On Campus student leader at the University of California San Diego
Christian Students in CUFI fighting hatred on American University campuses
Israeli Consul General speaks about CUFI
Israel's backers step up efforts to win African-American support
Christians, Jews united for Israel
Nehemiah 2:18b-20
CUFI Sends French Embassy More Than 31,000 Emails in 24 Hours
UN aftermath creates ripple effect across campus
Support for Israel
Psalm 28:7
Students should work to support Israel
Billboard draws attention
Christian Backers of Israel Reach Out to Blacks
Will African-Americans Support Israel?
Georgia Governor Expresses Support for Israel, CUFI
Psalm 48:1-3
Psalm 83:1-5
Holocaust survivor visits to share story
For Georgetown's CUFI, it's Location, Location, Location
CUFI heaps rare praise on Obama for U.N. pledge
CUFI Presses Obama to Veto Palestinian State
CUFI Sends More Than 33,000 Emails to Administration on PA UDI
Hagee's Week in Israel
Muscatine woman gets a closer look at conflict
Christian Campuses Need Pro-Israel Voices, Too
1 Samuel 17:29
More than 5,000 Attend CUFI's Sixth Annual Washington Summit
Christian Pro-Israel Group Stakes Claim on Right
Five Thousand Israel Supporters Stormed Capitol Hill
CUFI Delegates from New York Have a Successful Day on Capitol Hill
Standing with Israel
Surrounded by Christians Who Love Israel
"Count Me A Jew" Declares Glenn Beck
The Future of Christian Zionism
Michael Oren Calls CUFI "Righteous Gentiles"
Christian Lobbyists to Bring Tea Party Support for Israel
Netanyahu: US, Israel one and the same
Beck to Christians:Call Me a Jew
Christian Zionists unite in D.C. to express support for Israel
Evangelicals, Political Leaders Show Support for Israel
Psalm 48:1-3
Psalm 102:12-14
Joel 2:1
A point man for Israel in the black church.
Isaiah 62:6-7, 6
Campus Warrior For Israel
Christian Zionists Average More Than 1,000 Emails an Hour to Obama Administration Opposing Aid to Hamas Allied PA
Who are all those pro-Israel voters?
CUFI e-mail bombs Obama on PA aid
Memorial Day Message
Isaiah 40:1
Christian Zionists Show Support for Israel, Netanyahu
Christian Zionists Send More Than 50,000 Emails of Support to Netanyahu
íViva Israel!: Gulf Meadows Church hosts first-ever 'Night to Honor Israel' program for local Latinos
Christians, Jews to join to honor Israel at Grand Opera House
Christians Expand Pro-Israel Moves Here
Christian supporters of Israel continue their local outreach
Exodus 23:15
A Night to Honor Israel
Christian Students Emerge as New Partners
Israel, Oasis of Stability & Western Values in the Middle East
Pastor John Hagee encourages support for God's chosen nation
Hispanic and Jewish leaders formalizing their alliance.
1,500 Christians, Jews unite to show support for Israel
Obadiah's warning to the nations of the world concerning Israel
Psalm 121:1-2
Despite Turmoil, Christians, Jews 'Honor' Israel
University Hosts Chapter of Christians United for Israel
Daniel 6:25-27
Psalm 83:1-4
Christians United for Israel Statement on Obama Administration's Reported Offer to Support UNSC Statement Condemning Israel
Obama demonstrates lack of foreign policy competence, again
Obama demonstrates lack of foreign policy competence, again.
Christians United for Israel Statement on Obama Administration's Reported Offer to Support UNSC Statement Condemning Israel
Letter to the editor
Nehemiah 4:6-9 & 20
Democrats urge Republicans to reject call for end of US aid to Israel
Morning Bits
Bill Gates calls for sustained US foreign aid
Bill Gates calls for sustained US foreign aid
Christian Israel supporters urge Rand Paul on aid
The Biggest Pro-Israel Group in America? That's Us, Says Christians United
U.S. Christians meet with Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu
Christians United for Israel Delegation Meets with Israeli Prime Minister in Jerusalem
Israel finds common cause with evangelicals
UNC gets a visit from Holocaust survivor
GODS Grace& Mercy
Blessing Israel
CUFI gets 133,000 to urge Ahmadinejad indictment
Indict Ahmadinejad petition gains momentum following U.N. speech
A Study in Contrast on Iran
Pro-Israel Leaders Urge UN to Indict Ahmadenijad
Christians, Jewish Leaders Protest Iran President Outside UN
Facebook friends
Psalm 31:6-16
Fasting and praying for the Peace of Jerusalem
A Blessed Child of God
Ecclesiastes 2:9 and 9:18
Deuteronomy 20:2-4
Landmark Celebration of Israel Draws over 5,000 in Dallas!
A Night to Honor Israel
Evangelical Christians offer extraordinary support for Israel
Latino Christians Unite for Israel
Nehemiah 9:5
Psalm 133
Christians Speak Up: Holocaust Survivors Find their Voices
Onward, Christian Zionists The fastest growing Israel support group in America.
Christians 'Unite for Israel' at Washington Summit
The Apple Of God's Eye
Christians Show Solidarity With Israel on Capitol Hill
Israel Divided
Haggai 4:2-9
wings on eagles
blessed through Israel
I was blessed by Israel's story of crossing the Red Sea
Exodus 17:10
Faith in Right and Good is its Own Blessing
Psalm 102:13
Zion Oil & Gas' Upcoming Sponsorship at the Washington Summit
Zion Oil & Gas' Upcoming Sponsorship at the Washington Summit
Passion draws Evangelicals to pro-Israel event.
Passion draws Evangelicals to pro-Israel event.
Isaiah 62:6
God has given us care and protection
Psalm 52:8
Heart Surgery
To be a blessing and to be blessed
"Welcome to Palestine" debate
Christian groups in LA show support for Israel after raid on Palestinian aid flotilla
Psalm 105:7-12
Only by the grace of God
Ship's Actvists Planned To Kidnap Soldier
The Promised Land
Nachamo Ami ( comfort my people )
6 Most Influential Non-Jews Positively Influencing the Jewish Future
A Night to Honor Israel by Fredric Hayward
Psalm 133:1-3
God ha Blessed me!
Oh Baby!
Why Christian Zionists Really Support Israel
Why Christian Zionists Really Support Israel
Blessing Israel
The Blessing of Israel
Psalm 102:13
Some of My Best Friends are Christian Zionists
happy art THOU O ISRAEL
Who are Israel's true friends?
What to Make of Evangelical 'Love-Fests'?
Isaiah 52:7-9
Psalm 73:1
God's Mercy
Christians Meet to honor Israel
receiving Abraham blessing.
CUFI Activists E-Blast White House on 'Crisis'
Its CUFI and Israel Project vs. J-Street
You'll Never Be the Same
Jews and Christians joined together Sunday in a rally to support Israel
Silent No More
Christian Zionists Send Thousands of Emails to the White House
Evangelicals join March of the Living for first time
Rom 11.19
A Lot of E-Mails -- from Christian Zionists
Life abundant
The Truth About Christian Zionists
There Are a Lot of Angry Evangelicals
God's provision
Pro-Israel U.S. Christians are e-mailing the White House every several seconds...
Blessings Of God
Opposition to Obama's Tactics Builds
Reacting to the U.S.-Israel spat
God blessed me with poetry...
Blessing Israel-Blessing God!
I Am Satisfied
Christians United for Israel Deeply Concerned About Obama Administration's Recent Statements on Jerusalem Construction
John Hagee calls Ahmadinejad the 'Hitler of the Middle East'
When Your Heart Is Overwhelmed
Christians United for Israel's second Jerusalem Summit
Address by Prime Minister Netanyahu to the Christians United For Israel Jerusalem Summit
Christians United for Israel Statement on J Street's Repeated Attacks on Christian Zionism
United, but on a smaller level
He Really Does
Genesis 12:3
Isaiah 2:2-4
Mrs. Barbara Alquist
Lamentations 3:21-24
Isaiah 7:14, 9:6
Care for the wounded
CUFI On Campus Latest News
Isaiah 35: 1-2
My husband and I have been in fulltime ministry for over 40 years.
A Two Bedroom Home Sold To My Renter
A New House
I pray for Israel's peace and protection
Finding Christ
This site would not take my testimony so I gave up trying
From A Jew
Pastor Hagee donates $9 million toward humanitarian causes in Israel
I am a Christian
Wiesel addresses evangelical Christians
Financial Miracle
Wiesel addresses evangelical Christians
Elie Wiesel, Israeli Officials Address Christian Supporters of Israel at 28th Annual Night to Honor Israe
Our Call
I will never leave you nor forsake you.
My Jesus!
Life is about choices, be willing to live with the choices you make.
the cufi
My husband died and came back on the table in the hospital after a heart attack and It was because we prayed to God / Jesus too
Blow the Trumphet in Zion
these are my people
Received miracles after Night to Honor Israel
CUFI: Let's indict Ahmadinejad
Israel Blessing
CUFI: Let's indict Ahmadinejad
I want to thank you for your Honor to the Jewish Nation and God's people
I want to thank you for your Honor to the Jewish Nation and God's people
Incredible Favor As I Seek Employment
I'm a Jew?!?!
Blessed With Scholarship Money and Speaking Engagements
Don't let financial difficulties stop you from receiving your blessing.
We ask God to bless Israel
Blessing God's People
A Steward
son healed from breakdown coma
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I am so blessed by your ministry
I am so thrilled to be a member of CUFI.
a former Muslim Bless Israel
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I was in Israel in 1997 two things occurred that made me know the Jewish people appreciate our prayers.
I wanted so much to let CUFI know how much God has blessed me
Blessing Israel
I would love to share my experience with you of ISRAEL
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