Dear friend,

With all the debate currently surrounding Jewish hate speech in our country, I want you to know that your support of Christians United for Israel is making a strong, tangible difference in the ongoing battle against anti- Semitism.

It is the biblical mandate for all believers to stand up for Zion’s sake, speak out for Israel, and defend the Jewish people. This command is the divine purpose for which CUFI was created—it is more than a mission statement; real people and real lives are impacted by whether or not we speak out and put our faith into action. There are so many stories of lives and communities that have been positively affected by our united efforts.

The growing trend of vocal anti- Semitism, which all too often leads to violence, has plagued Jewish communities across America. As Christians who dearly love our Jewish brothers and sisters, we are outraged and disgusted by this trend, but what good is love that does not act? When Jewish Americans are under attack, they should not have to defend themselves alone.

Here are just a few examples of how your faithful support is touching the lives of our Jewish friends.


Recently, the United Nation’s Human Rights Council, which the US left last year citing the body’s anti-Israel bias, released a disgusting report demonizing Israel as the Jewish state contends with continued rioting along the Gaza border.

But, CUFI was there, speaking directly to the diplomats at the UN to tell them exactly how freethinking people around the world view the UN’s institutional anti- Semitism.

“Make no mistake, those who foster anti-Semitism, who build their careers and foreign policy on a foundation of hatred will be judged harshly by history. When you demonize the Jewish state, it is a reflection of your moral bankruptcy, nothing more,” CUFI’s Kasim Hafeez told the UN body.

After watching Hafeez’s remarks, Pastor Hagee said, “Today, the world’s worst human rights abusers and anti-Israel international elite who sit on the UNHRC, heard loudly and clearly what people around the world think of their appalling obsession with attacking Israel. While this will not move them off hatred’s path, CUFI will take every opportunity to shine the light of truth into such a dark place.”


As anti-Semitism continues to manifest its ugly tentacles more frequently in this country, your continued support for the training and mobilization of Christian leaders to take a stand will only become more vital.

When the local Jewish community near Toms River, New Jersey, experienced vicious anti-Semitism, CUFI was there. One of our pastors joined a press conference held by the Jewish community to expose and condemn the acts of anti-Semitism in their area. Because of CUFI, the Jewish community did not have to stand alone—this would not have been possible without your support.


Texas has the second largest state economy in the nation, and is the tenth largest economy in the world. CUFI was there to lead the fight passing one of the strongest anti-BDS bills of its kind, prohibiting Texas from contracting with or investing in any business boycotting Israel.

In April, through this anti-BDS law, Texas took on the anti-Semitic business practices of Airbnb. The decision by Airbnb to de-list Jewish owned properties in the disputed territory known as the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) prompted the Texas Comptroller to remove Airbnb from the list of companies able to do business with the Lone Star state. Ultimately, we saw the complete reversal of Airbnb’s policy of delisting Israeli-owned properties in the West Bank.

The pro-Israel community came together and spoke with one voice against anti-Israel and anti-Semitic policies, and prevailed. Our CUFI partners have helped pass anti-BDS legislation in 27 states. With your continued support, we are confident that this number will grow with each passing year.


A multicultural event at a Georgia middle school contained an exhibit that replaced all mention of Israel and replaced it with “Palestine.” CUFI was there as Georgia State Director Kelly Stewart immediately contacted local elected officials to ensure they were aware of the issue and reinforced CUFI’s strong feelings about such appalling anti-Semitism being put on display in a taxpayer funded school.

Within hours of Stewart’s advocacy, the principal of the school circulated a letter apologizing for what took place and stating he would investigate the matter further. Stewart then issued a statement addressing the controversy. It is this type of leadership and action that gives notice to anyone else thinking of using our public education system to indoctrinate youngsters with hatred against the Jewish people.

The situation in Georgia serves as a reminder of two important truths:

  • First, to the anti-Semite, nothing is sacred and no mind is too young to poison with lies.
  • Second, when citizens act decisively with the truth, they can have a swift and important impact on what goes on in their communities.

With your ongoing help, CUFI is there on the front lines in the battle to overcome anti-Semitic lies and the ignorance that allows them to flourish. There is no better time and no more critical moment to stand with Christians United for Israel than TODAY.  You are making a tangible difference in the fight against hatred of Jews.

With Gratitude,

Pastor John Hagee

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