CUFI in Action - April 2019

Dear friend,

6 million13 years ago, I invited 400 of America’s top evangelical leaders to join me in forming a national pro-Israel organization. It was my obedient response to a commission given by the Holy Spirit to do everything possible to bring Christians and Jews together in mutual esteem and genuine love.

Today, Christians United for Israel is now 6 million members strong. But the commission is far from complete.   Anti-Semitism is sweeping across our nation and the world. As you all know, just a few weeks ago, there was a shooting in a San Diego synagogue.

As Christians, we must continue to act upon the Biblical mandate to bless Israel by opposing anti-Semitism in all its forms. We are prepared to act when others threaten, attack, and demonize Israel. We are never bystanders in the face of such evil.

We are deeply concerned about the growing threats from Iran and its puppets in the region. Experts watching the situation expect that war is on the horizon. The Jewish state may once again be forced to fight to defend its citizens and when that day comes, CUFI must be prepared to shield Israel from the international condemnation that will follow.


Last month, through a divinely inspired series of events, CUFI was presented to one of the largest megachurches in Brazil. This timely appointment has the potential to transform Brazil’s relationship with Israel, as the Christians of that nation awaken to their biblical mandate to stand with the Jewish people.

This opportunity came about through the seeds planted by one of CUFI’s pastors in Washington State, who recruited a student to plant a CUFI on Campus chapter at her local college. Through years of dedication and passing on the torch to additional students, CUFI on Campus reached Harvard where a young man from Brazil got involved. Last summer, that student’s pastor in Brazil paid to send six of his young people to Washington DC for CUFI on Campus’ student advocacy training during the CUFI Summit.

In January of this year, the same Brazilian student from Harvard attended our Student Advocacy Leadership Training (SALT) in San Antonio, where he met with Pastor Hagee and made an introduction to his own pastor in Brazil. Because of that meeting, Pastor Hagee spent three days in Brazil  speaking to thousands and lighting the fire of Christian Zionism in their hearts.

This story illustrates the vital importance of each person doing their part to support Israel within their own sphere of influence. A trail of breadcrumbs leading back to just one girl and one pastor, who believed in her, will now influence an entire nation. Imagine what could happen if everyone reading this update took similar action?

This year, we are determined to double our impact by investing in twice as many pastors and twice as many college students through life-changing trips to Israel. We need your support like never before in 2019 in order to lead ten trips to Israel with pastors from across the nation. In August, instead of one busload of college students, CUFI on Campus is planning to bring two busloads to Israel for the Bonhoeffer Fellowship. The Bonhoeffer program is our growth engine for CUFI on Campus, and by doubling the number of elite student leaders able to to experience Israel personally, I am confident we will see a pro-Israel revolution take place on America’s college campuses!

Thank you for partnering with us. When you give to CUFI, you are investing in the education, and equipping of pastors and students to combat anti-Semitism and destructive lies about Israel. Your steadfast support directly transforms and empowers them with the truth and biblical zeal needed to stand on the front lines of this very aggressive battle. Every dollar invested in supporting these leaders is multiplied many times over through the thousands of people these passionate activists will impact in their lifetimes. You are changing the future of both America and Israel when you partner with CUFI.


Blessings to you and those you love,

Pastor John Hagee

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