IN 2017

We made Israel stronger and her people safer
Look what we accomplished together!




We grew our INFLUENCE

Media outlets mentioned Christians United for Israel nearly 900 times in the last year.

Top White House and Congressional leaders recognized and sought out CUFI as the most influential voice for American pro-Israel Christians.





We grew our IMPACT

Over 1,000,000 emails to Congress in support of the Taylor Force Act. In December, the House of Representatives passed the Taylor Force Act and sent it to the Senate.

Over 135,000 emails to the President in support of moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem. In December, President Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and announced the process of moving the Embassy would begin immediately.

Over 43,000 emails to Congress in support of Hezbollah sanctions. In October, less than a month after CUFI began flooding Capitol Hill inboxes, the House and Senate passed legislation designed to cripple Hezbollah’s international financing.

Nearly 30,000 emails to the Senate in support of David Friedman’s nomination.CUFI members helped secure the confirmation of Friedman as US Ambassador to Israel.



It was an exciting year…



After the Obama Administration betrayed Israel by allowing UNSC Resolution 2334 to pass, we took action. Over 250 of CUFI’s top grassroots leaders from 49 states flew to Washington DC at a moment’s notice for an emergency Summit and held urgent meetings with their Senators.


We intensified our major push to help a strong supporter of Israel, David Friedman, win his tough fight to be confirmed by the Senate as Ambassador to Israel.


David Friedman was confirmed by the Senate and called Pastor Hagee to thank him for CUFI’s support in winning his battle.


CUFI’s top leadership was invited to the White House and met privately with Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald Trump to discuss the importance of America’s support for Israel.


Vice President Pence invited CUFI’s executive leadership to attend the official White House celebration of Israel’s Independence Day.

CUFI’s grassroots activists in Texas celebrated their victory as Governor Abbott signed the strongest anti-BDS legislation in the nation into law.


Our grassroots activists celebrated the passage of strong anti-BDS legislation in Nevada, inspired by Nevada Lt. Governor Mark Hutchison’s conversation with CUFI representatives during the 2016 Night to Honor Israel in Las Vegas.

Thousands of churches celebrated the Jerusalem Jubilee on CUFI Sunday, and honored the 50th anniversary of the Six Day Way when Israeli soldiers liberated the Old City of Jerusalem and returned Israel’s heart to its people.


Over 5,000 activists attended the annual Washington DC Summit, where Vice President Mike Pence was the keynote speaker for the Night to Honor Israel. We heard the story and personal testimony of an IDF veteran of the battle for Jerusalem, and honored this hero of the Six Day War with a special award. Then CUFI members from all 50 states met with 98% of Congressional offices and asked for their support of the Taylor Force Act and passing federal anti-BDS legislation.


Two influential Texas Congressmen requested and held meetings sponsored by CUFI with pro-Israel pastors, businessmen, and Jewish leaders in Amarillo and Houston.
Deer Flat Church in Idaho hosted an Israel Town Hall with both Idaho Senators.


CUFI leaders countered the vile display of anti-Semitism by white supremacists in Charlotte by organizing a solidarity event called “My Brother’s Keeper” for the local Jewish community.


Both the Senate and the House of Representatives passed legislation sanctioning Hezbollah’s international financing after CUFI members sent over 43,000 emails to Capitol Hill.
The Watchman debuted on TBN’s Spanish-language partner network, Enlace, as El Vigilante.


Sandra Hagee Parker, Chairwoman of the CUFI Action Fund, testified before the House Judiciary Committee about anti-Semitism on college campuses.


After a year of meetings, promises, and over 135,000 emails to the President from our members, CUFI celebrated President Trump’s historic announcement recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.




CUFI on Campus


Our CUFI on Campus staff and students held a record 143 events on campuses this year.


Our top student activists in the year-long Bonhoeffer Fellowship received advanced pro-Israel advocacy training as speakers, writers, and elite leaders. Alumni of this program are committed to personally and professionally advocating for Israel throughout the rest of their lives.


CUFI HighSchool



We led our first-ever high school advocacy tour to Israel in August with 24 high school students.

By the time they flew home, these 24 high school students understood they had a vital personal role to play in defending Israel.



Diversity Outreach


Our relationships with US communities of African, Asian, Hispanic and
Native American Christians have been blossoming into fruitful partnerships both here and abroad.



4th annual Africa Night to Honor Israel with 500 attendees in Minnesota


Holocaust survivor Irving Roth shared his story at Martin Luther King Jr’s church in Montgomery


The Crow Nation stands with Israel




The Watchman

Our weekly show on TBN covered the biblical, historical, and political significance of Israel and brought CUFI’s message to a potential audience of 100 million households.




We launched an ongoing series of short documentaries telling the stories of more than 850,000 Jewish refugees who fled the Middle East and North Africa.


The Mizrahi Project was used by Israel’s Foreign Ministry to share “Rachel’s Story” with Arabic subtitles to over 200,000 viewers.



Millennial Outreach

The Israel Collective led 149 of the top influencers for the Millennial Generation on a transformative journey of personal discovery in the Holy Land.

Of the six Israel Collective films produced in 2017, the most recent film shattered all previous records and reached over a quarter of a million views on social media.






Pastor Leadership Tours

We gave 144 pastors a personal experience in the Holy Land that transformed them from spiritual pilgrims into passionate Zionists and motivated them to become politically active in supporting Israel.




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